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file exchange stock provides the following royalty services:

  • Files are stored here eternally (uploading one file once a year is enough to prolong the term for another year);
  • Downloading files from other servers to that of ours and collecting them here
  • Free software enabling you to operate your files;
  • Downloading your file with password or recipient IP;
  • Selling your file and collecting money into your internal account;
  • Always feel free to download or remove your file;
  • Always feel free to upload your file;

File storage allows you to do the following:

  • Keep your file without additional obligatory uploads up to a year;
  • Memory allocated for your one file is 10 GB, with the number of files being unlimited;
  • Retain the file in either ways, or even both: Public Catalog and Personal Cabinet (depending on whether you want to share the file or keep it to yourself);
  • A handy interface is at your disposal as well;
  • Present your files by way of roster;
  • Manage the way files are exhibited;
  • Lock the download link or file roster with a password;
  • Set price to download your file;
  • Create P2P-torrent tracking;
  • Create paid links to download your files;
  • Shorten links;

File uploads and limits:

  • 1) Local file uploader - 650 Mb
  • 2) URL uploader - 650 Mb
  • 3) P2P uploader - dimensionless file tree (10 GB for each)
  • 4) FTP uploader - dimensionless file tree (2 GB for each)



Static banner ads

For a monthly fee of 1000 rubles your graphical or text banners will be displayed on all pages of our site, forum included.

Dynamic banner ads

Dynamic banner ads are published for 0,005 rubles per single display.

Contextual ads InterSheel

Context ad InterSheel is paid for in case it is clicked upon, the fee being 0,05 rubles per a guaranteed visitor brought to your site through your link advertised;

Referral program

The person who has attracted visitors to see the ads on our site through publishing the links to files is awarded 777* rubles bonus per 1000 clicks and guaranteed downloads;

Should you have anything else to propose, we are open for discussion and ready to consider all your suggestions on the matter.

You are a webmaster

If you seriously intend to run your own site with computer games, movies, soft etc. or you already have the one, you will Kickstart your business thanks to our partnership program immediately. You shall be provided with reliable and up-to-date statistics regarding your business: the chart of downloads, where both number and dynamics of downloads are depicted. We also empower your efficiency by issuing some opportunities for you to make even more money to sustain your site (this stat will show you what files are popular and what are not for you to devise a better money-making policy and modalities of action).

The program is based exclusively on mutually beneficial conditions. As told before, if one draws visitors to the site using a referral link, he gets paid. Payrolls are conducted for clicking on site link, downloading the files and watching ads.



Strongly in accordance with the partnership program, makes payments adhering to the following scheme:
888* rubles paid for 1000 downloads of the Partners files.
Every single download is considered and paid for proportionally. The uniqueness of user who downloads the file is defined by his IP.
The amount of payroll is counted judging exclusively by internal statistics. No external statistical sources are considered.
Neither bonus payments are made, nor commissions are charged, except payment systems interest rate on transactions committed.
Your revenue withdrawal can be requested no more often than once a week, with the amount over 1000 rubles. You may also set the schedule of withdrawals. In this case, they are processed automatically every month, provided that your balance exceeds 600 rubles.
Payment methods available: Yandex-Money, Webmoney, QIWI.


On what conditions can I partake in this program?

The conditions are not requiring. Your files are downloaded we pay for that.
Payment schedule is adjustable, as it has been mentioned before, and can be alternated by yourself.
Memory available: 1TB, long-term retaining of the files (one year, with the possibility to prolong).


How does it all work here?

Easily! You insert link code to the site template, then other users can download your file (for them, its free).
Before downloading the file, downloader is offered to visit the advertisers site via the link provided and stay there for 30 seconds in order to download the file for free. Shortly after that, everybody is happy. Downloader gets the file, you get the money for his having clicked on ad and downloaded the file.
Unlike many sites on the Web, doesnt have any restriction policy towards the Downloader. We make the Downloader get neither extra soft, nor paid subscriptions, nor SMS confirmations. So that your file is utterly easy to download. It is this fact that makes the Downloader choose OUR mirror link, we earn priority by simplicity.


Where is the money from to pay rewards to the Uploader?

Users dont pay a single penny. Our revenue is based on advertisers whose ads are seen while downloading the file. You wont witness ads containing sensitive, futile or/and offensive content, thanks to our terms and conditions, according to which our moderators filter the ads proposed like a funnel filters the water at home.


Who can earn money on our site?

Citizens of any country over the age of 18, who possess any popular site (or not very so, it doesnt matter) with browsing cache data and traffic that ensures file download. If you meet these simple requirements, your choice is to transform that into kind of job. Social networks may also be used for getting the amount of traffic needed. However, it is better to do it through so-called interpolating site (in simple words, the one that receives traffic). Messages posted in Social Networks are to be written in such a way that they dont run counter to users perception. They should sound natural not to seem like spam. (most social networks ban accounts for repeatedly reported as spam).


The rules of the Partnership Program.

For the beginner account a disk quote is 100GB and the payment is made within 7 days.
Your disk quote increases (max. 1TB) as soon as the amount of traffic you can operate surges. Along with that, you will be receiving payments in 1 day instead of 7.
No matter whether you are a beginner or VIP-user, you get rewarded for each download of your file.
A distinguishing feature of FREE partnership Program is that you get the platform for keeping your files without paying anything. You have a unique opportunity to earn money without initial deposits and prepayments.
It is not obligatory but recommended by us that the file storage be used as rationally as possible and all of files you keep be profitable.
The administration is not interested in, and has not gotten the right for keeping track of any kind of information on the files you keep (file size, number of files, file contents etc.).


Main requirements
1) Stable traffic. Whether it is small or big is not important. More importantly, your files should be downloaded systematically;
2) The disk space occupied should comply with the traffic scope. One cannot exclude the risk that some of the files might not be in demand and can be deemed non-profitable. In this case the Uploader is to elicit the file and delete it. He IS to do so because everyone is obliged to remove the files nobody downloads.
3) There should not be any gaps in payments.


New partner registration procedure


1) Register in the Club to start withdrawing money.


2) Create your own cabinet.


There are always questions like: If I have signed up on the file storage, then why else should I register on the forum to start being a partner?.

The answer is that there are several reasons why do so.
A double registration is necessary for withdrawing the money earned from downloads;
The cabinet has special tools needed for managing your files;
As well as for managing files, the Club contains all the necessary tools to operate your money (withdraw, deposit) and it is through the Club only that you can manage your money;
Technical support is provided to you via forum chat;
By the way, just remember one thing. After the working day, there is often a queue at the ATMs and hardly anyone is bothered with the question: Why the hell do I withdraw money using one bank, but salaries on my credit card are paid by another one??? Just look at your SMS. For instance, you got A-Bank credit card, but you receive the SMS that you got 2500 dollars by B-Bank. It happens.



Initially, the Club is a place where members communicate. It is also a platform where you can get fresh news on the forum or even publish your own.
The system has special functional capabilities that let the members exchange the information and files either for free or on a paid basis.
This is also the place for making buy-sell deals, depositing of withdrawing money (in our case, we offer you to automatize this process).


File Storage

NO registration is needed to download the file, nor is anyone confined in file uploading and link publishing. This is the main function of royalty free file exchange stock.
In case you consider engaging into the partnership program, you will need to create your own file storage to which you (and only you) have access.
You need to get a free service called Free Partnership Program
In frames of the service a new file storage and Cabinet will be created for you, with the password unlike the one for the Club generated automatically.



The partnership program is based on mutually beneficial conditions.
The scheme is very simple:
We maintain system functionality and sell vacant places for ads. While downloading your file, the visitor gets acquainted with ads. You get paid for it. It is ad maker who payrolls all of that, at the same time being a sponsor of every single free download. Here, four parties are involved, and it is important for all of them to feel comfortable.
That is why the Administration shows special consideration for a proper technical assistance provision.
There is a button in your Cabinet, by pushing which you make a request to get technical assistance upon different pressing issues regarding confidential data.
If the issue does not touch confidential data, you may ask it on the Forum. You can also see FAQ there.

A personal cabinet with a protected file storage is provided only to registered members of the service. To perform the process of registering a new entrant and creating a personal file storage, click on the following link:

is a private resource and permission to create a personal fileshare is provided by the administrator personally, therefore two types of registration are offered: free and paid

Paid registration - always guaranteed.

Cabinet (Free File Storage)

Tick Enable Free Private Storage. While creating a new profile, consider creating a new name and password. Enter a valid email address. A field Text is needed to be filled up with a brief information about the content which is supposed to be in your Cabinet.
You should explain to us why you want to retain files in private zone, not in public access zone. And describe as many details as possible because the more information about expected content you provide to us, the more chance there is for your access to your personal cabinet to be granted by the Administration.


You are required to register on the forum before creating Personal Cabinet.
Email should correspond to the real one. The system immediately identifies fake emails and blocks accounts that try using them. Email should be the same as one you used for registration on the forum. Correspondence in this criterion is system-checked as well.
It is very important that your reputation on the forum be positive. In case you have not signed in the forum, dont tick I have the forum account.
Choose the person who can vouch for you. Vouchers are the people who already have the account on the forum and a positive reputation and the rating more than 2 stars. As soon as you do those steps, wait till you begin possessing the account. Accounts are usually ready to use in 24 hours, being followed by a notification that you have gotten the one via email.
In case you get a rejection, the reason of is not explained and we send you no notifications. Nevertheless, if you resend the application form with a better explanation and it satisfies the Administrator, you still may acquire access for free.

A paid Personal Cabinet with a file storage.

If, for some reasons, you dont access the personal cabinet freely, you still can use a paid service.
It will cost you 1 Russian ruble to keep 1MB of files for 1 year long.
Personal Cabinet is created only if the minimum memory request is 500MB. It means that a minimum sum paid to open your cabinet is 500 rubles.
Tick Enable Paid Private Storage
The service will be launched within 24 hours after payment.
-Fill in your Name. It should be real name of Club member.
-Fill in how much memory you want (Disk Quote)
-Fill in how long you want to keep your files (Storage Term)
-Click on (Pay)
-Please be warned that payment system or payment bridge withholds minimum 2% of interest. Correct your sum and make sure your payment exceeds 500 minus the interest.
-Payments over 15000 are separated into several transactions.
-Copy the link and open it in a new tab.
-Deposit your money on the personal account. Your request will be processed and granted in 24 hours. The day you receive a grant is the day your paid term begins.
Within 7 days the money will remain on your personal account, you can confirm the quality and, if necessary, refuse to use the service or write a request for suspension of the action.
After 7 days the money to pay for the ordered service will be deducted from your personal account.

Advantages of paid storage before free

It is possible to
-Use of the file robot;
-Loading of huge files using P2P technology in the LC;
-Create network folders, which can be viewed in the form of a list of files;
-Generation of a public torrent file with Web-files for each file or a separate folder inside its LC; *
-Support of P2P-hands 24/7 for the generated torrent-file; *
-Creation of additional logins (possible on separate folders inside LC); *
-Use of technical support by the file exchanger specialists;

* - Some services may require additional payment